Monday 28 May 2012

Three gorgeous orange kittens available for adoption

 If these gorgeous orange kittens(two boys and one girl) had not been found by Councillor Allan J. Levine  and his neighbours and notified Councillor Mike Cohen, they probably would not be alive  today. Instead they and their mother are in kitty foster care. 

We need your help! Sadly, the mom has lived outside too long and cannot be domesticated.  Shelley Schecter, the wonderful trapper for the Côte Saint-Luc Cats Committee (CSLCC)  and Educhat,  trapped the mom and the kittens. Mom is feeding her offspring and the babies are being socialized by volunteers. They will make wonderful pets.  Only about  four weeks old, as of this writing (May 29), they will stay with their mom until the end of June and then be available for adoption.They will then be vaccinated and in a few months time the  CSLCC will cover the costs  of their sterilization.

So please, open up your hearts and homes. If you are unable to consider adoption, please share these precious photos with friends and family. Interested parties can email You can see how adorable these kittens are in this video.

Here is a photo of the three siblings. They are basically identical triplets.

Here are two of the babies

This face is pretty hard to resist.
Here is the playful trio.

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