Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Two beautiful cats available for adoption

Ten month old Jack is looking for a home.

Marilyn Chernack found Jack in her backyard some months ago.  Since she already had two cats of her own who did not take to other felines kindly,she made sure Jack was well fed. The Côte Saint-Luc Cats Committee had him neutered and his ear tip clipped. He began coming into her house, but only as far as the window sill. He seemed afraid of her cats. 

On the eve of our first snow storm of the season, Marilyn got him into her house -  much to the objections of Boomer and Chester."He didn't stay long; he took a tour and left," she said. "Then, in the middle of the snow storm,  he showed up, came in and hasn't left. My Chester is used to him now, but Boomer isn't and doesn't stay in the same room as Jack. He's not a happy camper.

"Jack is completely socialized, even more than my own cats do is eat play and get stroked and kissed. I've taken in many cats off the street and socialized them but Jack has been the easiest."

 If you are interested in adopting Jack, please email
Jack strikes the pose.
Jack makes himself at home on Marilyn's couch

The Côte Saint-Luc Cats Committee has this beautiful two year old female cat available for immediate adoption. Erica is a brown tabby, loves people and cuddling. Committee members Eric and Kimberly Goldapple found her near their home. She was taken to the CSL Hospital for Animals. While they determined that she has been sterilized and is in perfect health, there was no identification tag nor an identity chip. We can only determine she was either abandoned or escaped. With no ID nor any calls to our office, we have no way of finding out if she belongs to someone. If she is an outdoor cat, under CSL rules she is supposed to have a license.

She is under the care of the  Goldapples right now. But because Eric is allergic, he would look to find her a good home as soon as possible. Please email

Erica relaxes.

Beautiful Erica.

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Female tabby looking for a home

The Côte Saint-Luc Cats Committee has this beautiful two year old female cat available for immediate adoption. She is a brown tabby, loves people and cuddling. Committee members Eric and Kimberly Goldapple found her near their home. She was taken to the CSL Hospital for Animals. While they determined that she has been sterilized and is in perfect health, there was no identification tag nor an identity chip. We can only determine she was either abandoned or escaped. With no ID nor any calls to our office, we have no way of finding out if she belongs to someone. If she is an outdoor cat, under CSL rules she is supposed to have a license.

She is under the care of the  Goldapples right now. But because Eric is allergic, he would look to find her a good home as soon as possible. Please email

What a beauty!
She is just waiting for a new home.

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Sundance the kitten is available for adoption

These last few months have been very busy for the Côte Saint-Luc Cats Committee and Educhat. No less than 10 kittens have been under our care, some  placed at the CSL Hospital for Animals and others in foster care all for the purpose of socializing them. Congratulations to our committee members who did such a wonderful job. We are proud to report that nine of them have now found loving homes and the response from their new families warms our hearts.

We now have Sundance available for adoption. He is five months old, vaccinated, de-wormed and most recently sterilized at the expense of our committee  If you`d like to make an appointment to visit this little guy to see if he`d be a good fit for your home please e-mail and we will tell you how to proceed.

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Win this gorgeous gift basket and support Educhat

Please support Educhat, our partner with the Côte Saint-Luc Cats Committee. Educhat is active in Trap, Neuter and Release of cats and rescuing and saving the lives of so many kittens across the island. This beautiful gift basket, valued at $1,020, has been donated by Ben & Tournesol. Raffle tickets are being sold for only $5 each and $50 for a book. E-mail If you want to pick up  a few tickets we can tell you where to go. For booklets, we might even be able to arrange for a delivery. The draw is on December 23, just in time for the holidays.

We also have these very cute cat wallets, also a great gift for someone who loves felines. They cost only $10 each.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Baby Picasso needs a home

Meet Picasso, She was dumped by someone in a cardboard box with a bit of food and a blanket on the first cold day of fall. She is three months old, very friendly and active, has been dewormed, vaccinated and given revolution for fleas - which she didn't have. When she is about five or six months she will be spayed. Our committee will take care of that expense. Picasso is an adorable tortie, with that very unique stripe down the nose and gorgeous beige and brown fur. She will make someone an amazing pet. Email for more details.

Saturday, 31 October 2015

Urging Pierrefonds-Roxboro Borough to support TNRM program for cats

Please see the message below. As the city councillor in Côte Saint-Luc responsible for animal protection and a co-founder of the Côte Saint-Luc Cats Committee I strongly urge Pierrefonds-Roxboro Mayor Jim Beis to support the initiative of Steri-Animal. Our council has done so for five years now.

-Councillor Mike Cohen

English will follow


Comme vous le savez sans doute, BEAM et Steri-Animal ont travaillé fort sur le territoire de Pierrefonds-Roxboro et dans d'autres quartiers de Montréal afin de diminuer la surpopulation des chats communautaires errants via un programme CSRM (capture, stérilisation, relâche, maintien). Nous sommes d'avis qu'un tel programme, jumelé à l'éducation auprès des propriétaires d'animaux pour augmenter la stérilisation et de réduire les abandons constitue l'unique solution efficace et humaine à la prolifération des populations de chats.

Depuis maintenant 4 ans, nous cherchons la collaboration de l'arrondissement afin de soutenir nos efforts, de contribuer financièrement à la stérilisation des chats communautaires, de rendre ce programme accessible et systématique et d'éduquer la population. Pour ce faire, nous avons rencontré les membres du conseil à maintes reprises lors d'évènements informels ou formels, et lors d'assemblées du conseil. Nous avons déposé des documents, soumis des informations, remis des pétitions, participé aux périodes de questions, préparé des rencontres et répondu à toutes les questions que les membres du conseil avaient.  Malgré cela, nos demandes sont restées vaines et l'arrondissement n'a à ce jour démontré aucun intérêt à participer à tel programme ou à questionner les pratiques actuelles de leur fourrière privée.

En 3 ans Steri-Animal et BEAM ont permis de faire opérer de plus de 300 chats dans l'ouest de l'île. Pour ce faire, l’Hôpital vétérinaire animal 911 a proposé via Steri-Animal des tarifs réduits aux citoyens qui ont quand même du débourser l’argent.

AUJOURD'HUI, l'arrondissement de Pierrefonds-Roxboro envisage de contracter avec une fourrière privée située à l'extérieur du territoire afin qu'ils procèdent au trappage des chats communautaires ou des chats perdus par les citoyens et les mettent a mort s'ils ne sont pas adoptés en quelques jours. Or, beaucoup de chats errants ne sont pas "adoptables" et peu d'adoptants seront disponibles. Il n'y a donc absolument rien de prévu pour les chats errants. Ceci est inacceptable car certains chats de colonies, opérés par nous ou leurs propriétaires, pourront être euthanasiés. De plus, les gens ne demanderont plus d'aide pour les chats errants de peur qu'ils soient tués et la population de chats va considérablement augmenter.

Nous sommes rendus au bout de notre intervention et n’avons plus de moyen de négocier tous seuls. NOUS DEMANDONS VOTRE AIDE AFIN DE SIGNIFIER AU CONSEIL QUE LES CITOYENS SOUHAITENT LA MISE SUR PIED D’UN PROGRAMME DE CSRM À PIERREFONDS-ROXBORO.
Vous pouvez vous présenter au prochain conseil le 2 novembre 2015 à 19 heures pour questionner le conseil sur leurs intentions et montre votre support. Nous y serons. S’il n’y a aucune présence citoyenne, il n’y aura aucune vois pour les chats Communautaires.

Vous pouvez aussi écrire au maire de Pierrefonds-Roxboro Dimitrios Beis (Jim) ou appeler à l’arrondissement au 311.

Miles merci,
Bénévole pour Steri-Animal


As you may know BEAM and Steri-Animal have been working very hard in Pierrefonds-Roxboro and other parts in Montreal to reduce the overpopulation of community cats through a Trap-Neuter-Return-Maintain program (TNRM) . It’s well known that this is the only real solution along with educating people to increase the sterilization and reduce the number of abandoned animals, in order to have an efficient and humane solution to the overpopulation of cats.

It's been 4 years that we have been looking for the collaboration of the Pierrefonds-Roxboro borough to help us financially with the cost of sterilization of community cats, to have this program accessible, continuous and to educate the population. For this purpose, we have met the council members in several occasions during formal and informal events, and at the council meetings. We have presented documents, information and petitions; we have also participated in the period question, prepared meetings and answered all the questions that the council members had. Nevertheless, our requests have been in vain and the borough hasn’t shown any interest to participate in such program or has questioned the pound current practices.

 In 3 years Steri-Animal and BEAM have sterilized more than 300 cats in the West Island, with the help of the Animal Veterinary Hospital 911 that gives Steri-Animal a reduced price the citizens have paid the money.

Now the Pierrefonds-Roxboro borough is considering hiring a private pound outside the borough to trap community or lost cats and put them down if they are not adopted in a couple of days. We know that many community cats are not adoptable or very few people consider adopting, in this way there won’t be anything considered for community cats. This is inacceptable because many colonies have been sterilized by us or the owners, and could be end up trapped and put down. Also people won’t call to the pound knowing the cats will be put down and the cat population will grow exponentially.

We have arrived at the end of our intervention and we are not in the possibility to negotiate alone. WE ARE ASKING FOR YOUR HELP TO MANIFEST TO THE BOROUGH THAT CITIZENS WANT TO HAVE A TNRM PROGRAM IN PLACE IN PIERREFONDS-ROXBORO.

You can assist to the next council meeting on November 2nd, at 7 pm to ask questions and show your support. We’ll be there. If there are no citizens, there will be no voice for community cats.
You can also write a letter to the Pierrefonds Mayor Dimitrios Beis (Jim) or call the borough at 311.

Many thanks,
Steri-Animal volunteer

Monday, 5 October 2015

Three beautiful kittens available for adoption

Here are  the latest beautiful kittens looking for a home.

They are between 10 and 12 weeks old and have been taken care of by the Côte Saint-Luc Hospital for Animals since members of our committee trapped them.

Now socialized, they will make for excellent pets. We have enjoyed playing with them. All three have had their first vaccines and been dewormed. We will cover the cost of sterilization.  See their photos below. We will have more available cats to report on soon.

Over the last few weeks we have placed a number of kittens in new homes and the feedback has been extraordinary. The owners have fallen deeply in love with the newest members of their families. Cats make the best pets!

Email if you are interested.

Little girl- grey and white.
Little grey girl.

Little boy.

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Chewie finds a home

Chewie is a little timid, but a very fine fellow.  All he wanted was  a safe clean place with someone to love him.  He was a little insecure as he has been abandoned twice.  Our angel Diane took care of him for some time, posted his picture on Facebook and he has now been adopted.

Chewie, now renamed Chester, is still only three years old and will make a wonderful companion for his new family.

Friday, 11 September 2015

Highlights from our concert

Here are highlights from our wonderful fourth annual Cats Meow Fundraising Concert featuring The Musicians of the World Symphony Orchestra, Alexandra Cohen and Nicole Raviv.

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Adorable rescued kittens looking for homes

These kittens, all males, are about eight weeks old and were found under someone's balcony. They were cared for and socialized at the Côte Saint-Luc Hospital for Animals. All have been adopted except the grey and white one. If you are interested in adopting email us at They have been given top-notch medical attention.  Our committee will cover the cost of their sterilization.  
 These siblings have been adopted .

Below are the grey cat siblings



Still available


This little kitty was found by one of our dedicated trappers Donna Smolar. She was  in very rough shape  in Donna's  backyard.  Her eyes were shut tight with infection and she was extremely skinny and weak.

Donna brought her to the CSL Hospital for Animals where she received restorative subcutaneous fluid, along with the usual vaccinations, deworming and Revolution. She's also on medication twice a day for her eyes along  with general antibiotics.

Committee member Diane Liebling fed the kitten by hand for a couple of days until she could open her eyes, eat on her own and use the litter consistently.  She is very docile- not at all feral- and looks to be about  eight to 10 weeks old.  

Donna and Diane named her Frisbee and she is available for adoption. Please email 

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Two five year olds cats available for adoption

Once again we are asking people to open up their hearts and homes for some cats.

Trust us, they will end up doing you the favor by improving your quality of life.
Mango and Allie
First we have Mango and Allie. They have been together since “birth” and it would be comforting for them if they are not separated.They are five years old. The owner is leaving for Vancouver and cannot bring them along.

Tonic and Gin.
I am happy to report that Gin and Tonic (now named Jazz and Blue) have been adopted by the same family. They are three and a half months old, socialized and were living at the CSL Hospital for Animals.  we went to visit them the other day, posted their photos and had interest for one. When the individual went to visit she decided to go home with a pair--just as we hope someone will step forward for Allie Mango and Allie. Please email if you know of someone who is interested.

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Zoya the cat is missing in Côte Saint-Luc

Zoya, a cat who responds the name "Kitten," when called, is missing.

This is an indoor cat from a family on Randall Avenue. They do not know how she got out of the house on Friday night, June 19, but they are naturally frantic. Given the fact she has never been outside before, she is likely very frightened and perhaps hiding under someone's porch in a backyard.

Zoya is a 13 year female, mostly brown with some orange. The SPCA has been advised. Her file number  there is A28178889.

If anyone spots Zoya, please call Judith Obadia 514-887-0035   or email

Thursday, 18 June 2015

A kitten seeking a home

These are two kittens found on Leger Avenue in Côte Saint-Luc.  The smaller one is spoken for,  but not the slightly larger sibling.   She is a female, about five to six months old, and is being vaccinated, de-wormed and spayed by our committee. We will be working towards socializing her. With kittens this does not take too long. If you are interested in adopting this little girl please email

We also have the  equally adorable Francois looking for a home. Cats make the best pets!!! Please spread the word.

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Ashee the cat is looking for a home

This is Ashee.

Ashee is a homeless cat who has been on his own for a while now.  He hangs out in Côte Saint-Luc and is being cared for outside by a wonderful family that unfortunately has two of its members who are allergic to cats.

Ashee is a beautiful male. One of our committee members examined him. He clearly  was in a home in the past, but somehow found himself an orphan. According to the family that feeds him, he has been hanging around their backyard for months.
It appears as if Ashee is about two years old. He is short haired gray and white, has  been castrated, vaccinated and de-wormed. We want to find Ashee  a forever home with someone who knows that taking in a cat is for life.

"He was timid at first,  but  is now very friendly and she can be pet and cuddles with you," says Stephanie, the mom of the family who has fallen in love with this feline. 

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Beautiful cats available for adoption

Tilly (top right) and her babies.
A few weeks ago a beautiful cat was brought in to the Côte Saint-Luc Hospital for Animals to get spayed. Well that was not possible at the time because she was pregnant. She gave birth to four gorgeous kittens and was kept at the vet. The babies have all been adopted and will go to their new homes soon. The mom, who is between one and two years old, is now available as well to become someone`s pet. They have named her Tilly. She will be vaccinated (base vaccine), dewormed and spayed once the kittens are weaned as part of the TNR program. She was treated once with Revolution for the prevention of fleas. The booster vaccine and one for  Rabies would be done one month later at owners cost.  


We also have  François (below), presently being fostered at the home of our committee "angel" Barbara


François is a beautiful two year old male. François is very loving and friendly, neutered and completely tame and loving.  He was adopted by someone and returned because of some concerns about his behavior. We brought him to the vet and discovered that he was suffering from a painful urinary tract infection. That was treated. He is now back to his self again and  will be ready for adoption as of June 14.

Email mcohen@cotesaintluc,org if you are interested. Cats make "the" best pets.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

This cat named "Sugar Sammy" is looking for a home

Our foster mom for cats, Diane, brings us news about this sweet, funny, handsome fellow- she has named "Sugar Sammy."
Sugar is about a year old,  neutered, vaccinated, dewormed, and ready to roll. He 
gets along well with other cats and dogs too. He does well with children and is extremely docile.  In fact, he was living with a canine until they both sadly got abandoned  and had to fend for themselves.   The CSL Cats Committee partner organization, Educhat, rescued Sugar and how we hope someone will open up their home to him.
E-mail if you are interested.


Monday, 20 April 2015

Mr. Angel is looking for a home

The Côte Saint-Luc Cats Committee and Educhat are seeking a home for these beautiful two year old male.Mr. Angel is very loving and friendly, neutered and completely tame and loving.  Email mcohen@cotesaintluc,org if you are interested. Cats make "the" best pets.

Friday, 20 February 2015

Lion the cat needs a home

This is Lion.  He has quite the story.  One of our feeders in Côte Saint-Luc noticed a new cat where she was feeding.  When she spoke to him, he came over and rubbed up to her and let her pick him up.

Lion`s coat was totally matted from his head to his tail.  Our own  Shelley Schecter 
was told how friendly the cat was and asked how we could help.  She asked the CSL Hospital for Animals  he could go there until we found a home. Upon examination, it was discovered that he was already sterilized.   

Although very friendly, he was very  nervous and had to be sedated to be shaved to take the knots out of his fur.  When Shelley asked the woman who brought him in if she knew someone to take him, she said that there was someone who would adopt him on the condition he be snap tested to check for  Feline leukemia and Feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV).  Cats who are infected with FIV may not show symptoms until years after the initial infection occurred. Lion turned out to be FIV positive and the person who wanted him changed her mind. 

Some people who have FIV cats take in others with the same condition.   Lion has come from being abandoned, living outside, contracting FIV and now having no place to go.
We need your help in finding him the right home.  He is sweet and docile.  Look at that face! He has seen too much in his short life.

Castrated, vaccinated and de-wormed, he is at the CSL Hospital for Animals. He needs a break. Email

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Buy a bag of chocolates on the eve of Valentine's Day and support our mission to save homeless cats

The Côte Saint-Luc Cats Committee and Educhat chocolate say is a huge success. We can barely keep up with the orders.

On the eve of Valentine's Day, we have replenished our supply. Because we all "love" cats and make every effort to assist these beautiful animals via Trap, Neuter, Release/Adopt Programs, we have embarked upon this  small fundraiser. 

Please  consider purchasing a small bag of chocolates, decorated with a Valentine's Day theme. Each bag is about 11 ounces and we a they cost $10.  We have included our mission statement on the back of the bag as well.

Email and place your order while we still have bags in stock. We know have kosher chocolates as well.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Minou (now named Hobbes) has found a home

Last week we put the call out for two cats who needed nice homes: Minou, a one year old female who had been with a large family where the mom decided it simply was not a good atmosphere for a pet; and Princess Tia, a six month old kitten.

Suzanne de Jong and her 10 year old son Ben answered the call. They visited with Minou at the Côte Saint-Luc Hospital for Animals and immediately fell in love with this gorgeous and affectionate calico.

Take a look at the photo below where Minou, now named Hobbes, showed her appreciation to Ben! 

Now folks it is time for someone to step up and adopt Princess Tia (below).

Friday, 2 January 2015

Two gorgeous cats available for adoption

Happy New Year.
We are starting off 2015  with a plea for help.

This beautiful Calico named Minou was in a home for a while, but there was too much activity and it did not work out. The mother of the house has 10 children.

Miniou is very sweet.  Look at that magnificent face. She has a great temperament and would love to go to a forever home. She is spayed, de-wormed and vaccinated. Please ask everyone that you know who understands that having a cat is for life.  She is only about one year old and should enjoy a very long life.
Let us know at if you are interested.

We would also like to tell you that Princess Tia (on Councillor Mike Cohen's shoulder at the left) is still looking for a  home. She is presently being fostered at the  Côte St. Luc Hospital for Animals. The five month old tabby kitten has fur soft as silk and she is very gentle and afffectionate.

Cats make the most amazing pets. Please pass the word around about these two great catches.

Email for more info.