Thursday 6 August 2015

Two five year olds cats available for adoption

Once again we are asking people to open up their hearts and homes for some cats.

Trust us, they will end up doing you the favor by improving your quality of life.
Mango and Allie
First we have Mango and Allie. They have been together since “birth” and it would be comforting for them if they are not separated.They are five years old. The owner is leaving for Vancouver and cannot bring them along.

Tonic and Gin.
I am happy to report that Gin and Tonic (now named Jazz and Blue) have been adopted by the same family. They are three and a half months old, socialized and were living at the CSL Hospital for Animals.  we went to visit them the other day, posted their photos and had interest for one. When the individual went to visit she decided to go home with a pair--just as we hope someone will step forward for Allie Mango and Allie. Please email if you know of someone who is interested.

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