Saturday 29 August 2015

Adorable rescued kittens looking for homes

These kittens, all males, are about eight weeks old and were found under someone's balcony. They were cared for and socialized at the Côte Saint-Luc Hospital for Animals. All have been adopted except the grey and white one. If you are interested in adopting email us at They have been given top-notch medical attention.  Our committee will cover the cost of their sterilization.  
 These siblings have been adopted .

Below are the grey cat siblings



Still available


This little kitty was found by one of our dedicated trappers Donna Smolar. She was  in very rough shape  in Donna's  backyard.  Her eyes were shut tight with infection and she was extremely skinny and weak.

Donna brought her to the CSL Hospital for Animals where she received restorative subcutaneous fluid, along with the usual vaccinations, deworming and Revolution. She's also on medication twice a day for her eyes along  with general antibiotics.

Committee member Diane Liebling fed the kitten by hand for a couple of days until she could open her eyes, eat on her own and use the litter consistently.  She is very docile- not at all feral- and looks to be about  eight to 10 weeks old.  

Donna and Diane named her Frisbee and she is available for adoption. Please email 

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