Wednesday 30 December 2015

Two beautiful cats available for adoption

Ten month old Jack is looking for a home.

Marilyn Chernack found Jack in her backyard some months ago.  Since she already had two cats of her own who did not take to other felines kindly,she made sure Jack was well fed. The Côte Saint-Luc Cats Committee had him neutered and his ear tip clipped. He began coming into her house, but only as far as the window sill. He seemed afraid of her cats. 

On the eve of our first snow storm of the season, Marilyn got him into her house -  much to the objections of Boomer and Chester."He didn't stay long; he took a tour and left," she said. "Then, in the middle of the snow storm,  he showed up, came in and hasn't left. My Chester is used to him now, but Boomer isn't and doesn't stay in the same room as Jack. He's not a happy camper.

"Jack is completely socialized, even more than my own cats do is eat play and get stroked and kissed. I've taken in many cats off the street and socialized them but Jack has been the easiest."

 If you are interested in adopting Jack, please email
Jack strikes the pose.
Jack makes himself at home on Marilyn's couch

The Côte Saint-Luc Cats Committee has this beautiful two year old female cat available for immediate adoption. Erica is a brown tabby, loves people and cuddling. Committee members Eric and Kimberly Goldapple found her near their home. She was taken to the CSL Hospital for Animals. While they determined that she has been sterilized and is in perfect health, there was no identification tag nor an identity chip. We can only determine she was either abandoned or escaped. With no ID nor any calls to our office, we have no way of finding out if she belongs to someone. If she is an outdoor cat, under CSL rules she is supposed to have a license.

She is under the care of the  Goldapples right now. But because Eric is allergic, he would look to find her a good home as soon as possible. Please email

Erica relaxes.

Beautiful Erica.

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