Sunday 14 June 2015

Ashee the cat is looking for a home

This is Ashee.

Ashee is a homeless cat who has been on his own for a while now.  He hangs out in Côte Saint-Luc and is being cared for outside by a wonderful family that unfortunately has two of its members who are allergic to cats.

Ashee is a beautiful male. One of our committee members examined him. He clearly  was in a home in the past, but somehow found himself an orphan. According to the family that feeds him, he has been hanging around their backyard for months.
It appears as if Ashee is about two years old. He is short haired gray and white, has  been castrated, vaccinated and de-wormed. We want to find Ashee  a forever home with someone who knows that taking in a cat is for life.

"He was timid at first,  but  is now very friendly and she can be pet and cuddles with you," says Stephanie, the mom of the family who has fallen in love with this feline. 

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