Wednesday 15 May 2013

We care about dogs too: Shelley Schecter shares this story

A few weeks ago, I received a call from Donna Smollar., a resident of Côte St. Luc and a volunteer for our Cats Committee. She had just learned from her friend, Elena Hertz  about a case of a dog being held in a cage on a balcony. Elena’s friend Tania Marsh, a real estate agent had been showing the house next door and discovered a rigged up plastic over a cage with a large dog in it.  There were feces everywhere inside out outside of the cage and the food and water bowl were outside the cage. Tania’s husband, Jarred Brown  went back to take pictures. Tania called the SPCA and reported the situation.

The SPCA went to the house and saw the dog but were  unable to take the dog out due to legal restrictions Donna and I were told the dog owner’s mother tongue was not French or English, so we solicited the help of Denise  Nauffel, who shares the same mother tongue to help Donna and I  speak to the dog’s owner.

Because so much attention had been given to this man,,first by Tania, then  from the SPCA, serious concern from the  City of Côte St, Luc and finally by our gentle  persuasion , the dog owner voluntarily gave the dog over to us. We then brought him to the Côte St. Luc  Hospital for Animals.

The dog was like a puppy mill dog, who had been fed from time to time. His coat was so matted it was impossible to feel his ribs. His toes dripped of long fur. After being shaved, bathed, vaccinated and cared for by everyone at the Animal Hospital he has now been adopted into a loving home where he has two siblings.

Max (the dog's name) now has chance at a better life thanks to so many people caring enough to get involved.

Shelley Schecter
Educhat and the CSL Cats Committee

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