Tuesday 14 May 2013

Zumbathon raises nearly $2,000 for the committee

Fern Pereira recently organized a very successful Zumbathon fundraiser for the Cats Committee at the West End Gym. An extraordinary total of $1,960 was raised. Here is her account of the event.

I volunteer with the CSL Cats Committee and Educhat and organized my first Zumbathon fundraiser. It took place at the West End Gym in the CSL Shopping Centre on Sunday, April 2 from 11 am  until 1:30 pm.   
Zumba action.

Zumba is the newest fitness craze. It consists of dance movements done to primarily Latin music. It is  very high paced, energetic and loads of fun.  Zumba attacts all age groups and though while primarily female there are some men who attend classes as well.  

I had attended a Zumbathon the past year and saw the great turnout and thought it would be a great idea to organize one to help stray cats.  I felt Zumba and helping animals would be a great combination. 

Some of our instructors
I asked Elena Bertoldi, an instructor at the gym I attend, West End Gym. Being an animal lover she readily agreed. I was advised to join Facebook as it would be the best way to organize the event.  I contacted a teacher from The Sweat Factory Leticia Nieto who is a big cat lover and struck gold! She got her fellow instructors involved and brought three  along.  I had three from my gym: Elena , Candida Ventura and Gilda Genis Triana.  Elena asked another instructor Jorge Martinez and he agreed as well.  Leticia Nieto asked instructors she knew: Viko Flores, Alessandra Gaudio and Barbara Mora.  Gilda Genis Triana suggested I asked Carole Albert, who also immediately agreed.All of these instructors were certified zumba instructors and they turned out to be a fun group and organized a great event!
Our committee.

I had nin or more volunteers from the CSLCC helping me out. Two of the volunteers brought others  so honestly I am not sure how many were helping me out but there were many.  What a great gang of volunteers I am involved with!  Thanks to Shelley
Schecter (founder of the group along with Councillor Mike Cohen), Barbara Ann and her sister, Don and Barbara, Mary, Rachel A., Lydia G., Ursula, and Melanie.. You were all a big help! Rachel and Mary just sat down at the table and took over helping and took care of the people coming in  to take part in the event and give their mandatory $10 contribution.  Some of the participants were generous and gave $20 towards the cause.

The event was lots of fun and a roaring success! Everybody had a great time.You 
can check my Facebook page, Fern Robin.   We raised $1,960 to help stray/homeless

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