Wednesday 13 November 2013

Please help us find a home for beautiful Glenda

The cat below is named Glenda.  She was being fed by an elderly woman in Côte Saint-Luc 
who has been coming to the aid of homeless cats  for years. Glenda had been a steady customer for about a year and a  half. So we figure she is about two.  The elderly woman managed to socialize this cat and was letting her into her back balcony at night.  She had already taken in two of the cats the Côte Saint-Luc Cats Committee and Educhat  had neutered.
This woman is a Holocaust survivor and would cry to  our committee's Shelley Schecter all of the time as to how the homeless cats remind her of this terrible period. Our committee picked up Glenda last week and she has been spayed, vaccinated and de-wormed and is safe for now in recovery in the garage of one of our devoted volunteers.
We have received a call from the elderly lady's daughter last night,  saying that her mom was rushed to the hospital two nights ago and it was touch and go,  but she made it through the night.  The doctors say she  will not be coming home for some time, if at all.
So now have Glenda, who unless she is adopted must sadly return outdoors, with no one there to feed her.

We need a foster home for Glenda asap.  She has a congenital problem with her legs and  walks in a crooked fashion,  but otherwise is very sweet and  quite beautiful.
In reality, we have several cats being fostered at the present time, but Glenda is a priority. How can we possibly send this gorgeous feline out into the cold?
We know it is never easy to find a place for a cat, but we are asking anyway.

Email if you know of someone willing to foster or adopt Glenda. Our committee has already underwritten a lot of the costs associated with her care.


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