Sunday 1 December 2013

Two adorable cats; brother and sister Hudson and Frobisher need a home

Let us introduce you to  Hudso (right) and Frobisher (left), an adorable eight month old brother and sister team.

They are looking for a home and we want to send them somewhere together.  These two are so close that they sleep cuddled up on top of each other. There is a very special bond when two cats living on the street find comfort in each other.  Life on the street is so rough, camaraderie softens the harshness of their outdoor existence. They were  fortunate to be  fed and loved  by Ellen, who unfortunately cannot take them in. We were going to put them back outside  to live in one of our cat houses  with  Ellen continuing to feed them, but they are so gentle and sweet, it is always so difficult to put them out again.

They  should really be adopted together because they are so inseparable. It is nice to adopt  two cats who love each other  to keep each other company.  They are beautiful and love to be petted. 

Please email if you'd like to adopt them. The Côte Saint-Luc Cats Committee will cover the cost of their medical checkup in advance.

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