Sunday 5 January 2014

Six adorable kittens available for adoption at CSL Hospital for Animals

The Côte Saint-Luc Hospital for Animals has six adorable three-month old kittens available for adoption.

If you can believe this, the mother and her litter of six were found on the roof of someone's home. "The kittens have been treated for fleas and received their first deworming and vaccination," reports Dr. Monica Cybulski.

While the mom was adopted immediately by the person who found them on her roof, the wonderful staff at the  CSL Hospital for Animals have been socializing the kittens. If you love animals or are in need of a companion (cats make the best and easiest pets to have in a home or apartment) then here is a description of each. They have been named, but of course that can be changed by the family who adopts them. For more information call 514-489-6845.
 "Vito"  is a mail male-shorthair, all black;

" Gonzo" is a  male- shorthair, all black'

 "Bob"  is male- shorthair, black with white markings on his face and paws;

 "Phoenix" is a  male- longer hair, white with tabby patches;

 "Skittle"  is a female- shorthair, tabby;

"Ivy" is a female- longer hair, white with tabby patches/

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