Thursday 27 September 2012

Eyes wide shut: one pound kitten rescued

Here is the latest update on a poor baby cat rescued by Mayor Bernard Lang, his wife Miriam, grandson Dylan and of course Shelley Schecter.

Well, let me introduce you to the new addition in my house.  Sunday evening I received a call from Miriam Lang's grandson, Dylan, that there was a kitten in trouble.  Eyes glued shut, trouble breathing, not eating and mother not tending to her.

Wearily, as I already have three kittens in one bathroom, I went over there.  I had asked them to trap  around their house starting Sunday as we had some spaces over at Vanier College this week.

There was this tiny little thing with it's eyes glued shut, meowing, with snot stuck to her face, a real mess.  A sure case of Rhino.

I took her home and tried to get her eyes open with warm wash clothes.  In this picture I had cleaned up her face as  I had a lot of trouble getting her picture at the beginning.

I took her to the vet and she has Rhino, of course, and is on antibiotics, eye ointment and high cal paste.

She is looking better now.  I will send another picture.

She must be hand-fed as she has no sense of smell and so cannot eat.  I initially force-feed her and then she will eat from my hand.

So, of course she cannot be with the other kittens, so two of my bathrooms are now occupied.  She weighs all of one pound.

Now that you should feel very sorry for me, I will tell you the good news.  I have one of the kittens adopted, Scotty will be going to a new home.  I then found out that Pandie was a boy.  I thought that I had given Diane a boy, but no it was a girl.

Committee member Aldo  spoke to a co-worker, who spoke to another co-worker  and he is interested in Pandie.  I will meet him next week.

Committee member Barbara  has offered to take Miriam, as she has two others with Rhino.

So, with any luck, I will be down to one kitten, that is Kisses.  Of all kittens, who would have figured.

Anyway, let us get Kisses adopted, please.

Many Meows,

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