Sunday 2 September 2012

More cats looking for homes

Four little kittens were picked up from Mayor Lang's house with the help of Mrs. Lang.  They have been with Shelley Schecter for about two and a half weeks.

Kisses,is the female with  the short grey hair.  She is  coy, loves to play and prance about.  She loves to give kisses and has confidence and attitude all the way.


Scotty is male  grey with long hair.  Head cocked with a face one cannot bear
Soft, and downy duckling hair.  Very sweet and gentle.

Pandie is a quiet little girl   She lays low, she is shy but loves to be stroked.
A little inquisitive, but reserved.

All are  between two and four months old.  They have been de-wormed and  had their first set of vaccinations.  All are socialized and ready for homes.  There was a four month old black kitten and he was adopted by committee member Diane   His name is Black Jack and Diane says that he is doing great!  Her girls love him and he loves her and the girls.  All is great there.

We are  looking for wonderful homes for Jack's siblings.

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