Monday 17 September 2012

Update on three beautiful kitties needing homes

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Here is a message from Shelley Schecter about three wonderful kittens looking for a home

Just a reminder that I still have the three little tykes in my bathroom.

As you can see they are growing beautifully.  Pandie, the black and white female is quiet and enjoys a nice back rub right where is counts.  She rolls over and like to have her tummy rubbed.
Is Pandie not adorable?

Scotty the only male, the long haired grey, has  a very strong female side.  Very delicate ,  with soft  light movements.

And Kisses, well, Kisses loves to have a good time.

They are looking for foster or forever homes right now.  They are about three months at this point.

-First set of vaccinations done
-Very good with the litter box
-Neutering with be covered at our clinic

If know know any responsible people who would like any of these splendid honeys, please email

All the best,


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